Zobacz Roasted pumpkin seeds with Himalayan salt na Moreso.pl!

Roasted pumpkin seeds with Himalayan salt

Looking for a unique snack which guarantees maximum crunch? Try natural pumpkin seeds grown in Poland roasted without fat with a hint of Himalayan salt.

QUICK SNACK pumpkin seeds constitute the source of fibre and phosphorus.

Product weight:

  • 60 G

Product detailed description

Thanks to the innovative salting method, the salt penetrates the product and it does not dust inside the package while during consumption, mouth and fingers remain clean.

Take a package with you and crunch whenever you want! At home, a work, at school or while travelling.


Nutritional value
in 100G


  • 579 - calories
  • 45 g - fat
  • 4,4 g - carbohydrates
  • 6,5 g - fibre
  • 1060 mg - phosphorus
To cechuje Roasted pumpkin seeds with Himalayan salt dostępne w Moreso.pl!

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