This noble poppy seeds species is appreciated in particular for its unique taste. White poppy seeds are used mainly as an addition to pastries. The product is the source of precious vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Product weight:

  • 300 G
  • 200 G

Product detailed description

100% NATURE are 100% natural and unprocessed products rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants precious for our health. Superfoods eaten as a regular element of our everyday diet promote wellbeing and boost vitality.

Every day we make every effort possible to ensure highest quality and unique taste of MORESO products. Discover our range of Moreso Superfoods and take care of your everyday diet.

Nutritional value
in 100G

  • 525 - calories
  • 42 g - fat
  • 28 g - carbohydrates
  • 20 g - fibre 
  • 18 g - protein 


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